Earthmoving Contractors - Dalby, South West Queensland

Simich Earthmoving is a family owned business based in the Dalby area of Queensland servicing the entire southern Queensland and northern New South Wales areas. From civil engineering projects to road works, drainage or irrigation projects and farming applications, we can offer quality earthmoving services with our diverse fleet of late model equipment.

Over 30 years experience propels Simmich Earthmoving & Irrigation forward as one of the leading agricultural earthmovers in the industry. Combining experience with innovative ideas and equipment allows us to be sure our clients commence each project utilising the most cost effective design and construction methods.

Each project is meticulously planned with a performance driven mindset to maximise production, ensuring our projects are completed on or ahead of schedule. Our project management team leads the construction process with effective communication, creating an atmosphere of accountability and reliability for each construction task. The end result is a rewarding experience for both the client and the construction team!

Earthmoving equipment removing gravel fill from a site.
5 peices of earthmoving equipment hard at work in south west queensland
Earthmoving equipment hauling soil.
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